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China's cuisine is rich in tradition and incredibly diverse. There is no such thing as one Chinese cuisine: The country is characterized by its size and its extreme regional climatic differences, which result in different agricultural management. But despite the regional differences, there are also great similarities: a Chinese meal always consists of boiled rice or pasta and various meat and vegetable side dishes. The new trend of the hot pot or fire pot, also known as Chinese fondue, also comes from China. This is a type of brewed fondue that is common throughout East Asia. 

Fresh and high quality 

The Dutch oven is particularly popular in winter - no wonder, as it heats up really nicely. The pot is placed in the middle of the table and meat, vegetables and many other ingredients are then dipped into the hot broth. In your China Restaurant Hai Xian in Düsseldorf we serve hot pots in a feel-good atmosphere. Fresh ingredients and delicious Asian spices set us apart and exude a unique fragrance that will make the mouth watering of all lovers of Chinese cuisine. Quality is very important to us: For this reason, we prepare our dishes and homemade sauces exclusively with fresh ingredients. 

Exotic and traditional 

In your China Restaurant Hai Xian we would like to make a statement for freshness and quality. Here you can enjoy Chinese dishes from one of the oldest cultures in the world, which we masterfully prepare for you according to traditional recipes. For this purpose we only use first-class ingredients whose freshness is reflected in their unadulterated taste. Our menu with selected delicacies and seasonal specialties will also delight spoiled palates. Experience Chinese cuisine in a modern and innovative way - in the feel-good atmosphere of our spacious rooms with a touch of Asian exoticism. The best thing to do is to contact us today, your hot pot restaurant in Düsseldorf!